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ADF Bushfire Management Plans

  • ADF Bushfire Management Plans
  • ADF Bushfire Management Plans
  • ADF Bushfire Management Plans
  • ADF Bushfire Management Plans

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has a large portfolio of properties, including many expansive areas with significant potential for wildfire. The project involved an audit of all ADF Base Bushfire Management Plans (BMP) with recommendations to each location to acheive their BMP objectives.

A Diverse Portfolio Requiring Detailed Management

The diverse property portfolio required extensive project management to deliver valuable review recommendations. Each state or region engaged a consultant to prepare the BMP. Therefore BMPs varied significantly, making the review process challenging. Designing and delivering a site assessment methodology for application in all situations further complicated the reviewing process. Once designed, the methodology was tested and proven to be sound. This process needed to be communicated to and enacted by other staff with supervision.

Ensuring all BMP Requirements Were Met

A checklist was prepared that tracked site compliance against each BMP requirement. Any missing items were reviewed further, and alternative actions recommended. The site assessment methodology utilised our expertise in bushfire design and planning. We designed a GIS-driven method that identified bushfire-prone areas and potential impacts. The methodology was communicated via project initiation meetings and follow-up telephone conferences. Samples of each ADF site were analysed to determine correct (or identify incorrect) findings.

Project Results

The end result was a comprehensive review for the ADF of the BMPs for their national property portfolio. Our portion of the project was delivered on time and within budget. Based on Kleinfelder’s extensive bushfire planning and design experience and consistent methodology, the ADF were able to obtain an accurate assessment of bushfire risk to manage such risks appropriately.

Project Details

ADF Property Portfolio, various locations Australia

Australian Defence Force (ADF)

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