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Detailed Vegetation Assessment

  • Detailed Vegetation Assessment
  • Detailed Vegetation Assessment
  • Detailed Vegetation Assessment
  • Detailed Vegetation Assessment

Kleinfelder conducted detailed vegetation assessment and mapping across the Bulga Underground Operations study area near Broke, New South Wales. This involved identification and delineation of vegetation community types, condition assessment, and threatened species and community status under State and Commonwealth legislation in order to facilitate the planning of proposed underground extension and surface operations.

Detailed Mapping Across a Large Survey Area

The Bulga Underground Operations study area is 2,587 hectares of vegetation, which have been subject to various forms of disturbance. The project therefore required a detailed assessment and mapping of the variation in vegetation condition. Many of the vegetation communities within the study area are determined by subtle differences in floristic parameters so that close examination of the variations in structure, condition and species makeup was critical for accurate delineation.

A Panel of Detailed Assessments

A variety of assessment techniques delivered high-accuracy vegetation mapping across the study area, including: systematic surveys using both aerial photography and advanced GIS techniques including near-infra red imagery and traditional aerial photo interpretation of the study area to clarify vegetation community boundaries; detailed Ground- Truthing by a team of experienced and professional botanists to identify, classify, and delineate the vegetation communities; and multivariate statistical analysis conducted using the floristic data collected from the quadrants.

Project Results

This project delivered a high-quality, detailed vegetation map for the Bulga Underground Operations study area by identifying and mapping vegetation communities and their condition. This detailed mapping is now used to assist planning of future underground extensions and surface activities across the Bulga Underground Operations by providing mapping with a greater degree of accuracy than previously available.

Project Details

New South Wales, Australia

Bulga Underground Operations

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